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Investing in Real Estate in Poland

SINCE 2009

Invest in real estate in Poland with Amtrust Group

At Amtrust Group Property Investment, we work closely with our clients on residential real estate investments in Poland.

Real estate has always been identified as one of the few investment asset classes to generate stable returns.

Invest in Poland through buying an apartment which becomes an entirely passive investment. We manage your real estate investment projects in Poland from beginning to end.


Our company helps in the acquisition of property, its finish, renting, and property management.

We focus on real estate investments in Poland with the lowest risk and highest future capital gains through rental income and property value appreciation.

Investing in real estate in Poland in 6 steps

Cash or loan

We can help you apply for a mortgage only if you have income in Poland.

Investment opportunity

We search and present the most promising properties with the best return on investment.

Property selection

We are in regular contact to confirm your final selection. Then, we prepare visits on site.


Depending on how many property units you would like to buy, we negotiate with the owner or the real estate developer.


We will help you with the buying process. When you have chosen the property, parties are invited to the notary office.


We will make your investment ready for the rental market and manage your property. 

Key reasons to invest now in real estate in Poland

  • We aim for investments with 8/15 years return.

  • The average rental contract length is 3 years.

  • Rental income tax in Poland is 8.5% for residential units. 

  • The cost of the Notary act in Poland for purchasing new units is 1% of the property's value.

  • The cost of the Notary act in Poland for purchasing from the secondary market unit is 3% of the property's value (Tax on civil law transactions is 2% + Notarial act is 1%)

  • Property Tax in Poland is only 0.20€ per s.q. per year (0.75pln/m2)

Invest in real estate in Poland

Residential Real Estate Market in Poland

Poland continues to be one of Europe's most attractive markets for real estate investments in office, retail, hospitality, industrial, and housing developments.

Residential Real Estate Market in Poland

Despite the pandemic outbreak and its enormous impact on the global economy, the investment market in Poland is still perceived as stable, and the volume of closed transactions has been maintained above the average over the past ten years.

The residential market benefited from the pandemic. Although construction processes stopped for some time due to lockdown, an increase in the volume of transactions and interest has been assessed, presumably because of the rising needs for new living space due to working remotely. Also, many invested in Buy-to-Let Property. 
It helped the number of new apartments in Poland to increase by almost 10% despite the pandemic.

The evolution of both the housing market and the growing rental market attracts increased attention from institutional investors. 

Currently, there are almost 30 housing investments in Poland, offering over 4,500 apartments for rent, owned by institutional entities. In addition, around 3,700 apartments are already under construction, most of which are scheduled for completion in the next two years.

Investors have announced further plots of land secured for housing investments, on which, by the end of 2025, there are plans to have about 15,000 new apartments for rent. These estimates are based only on entities already participating in the market, but they will be joined by other newcomers seeking to invest.

While Poland's fundamentals are pretty strong, the real estate market still has a lot of catching up to do with the prospect of a massive capital appreciation in the future.  With a rental yield of 5-7%, Poland has some of the best rental yields in Europe.  


Means real estate in Poland is seriously undervalued. For investors in overseas properties, this is an excellent buying opportunity. 

Real Estate Financing for Home Buyers and Developers

Amtrust Group is a real estate financing expert. Since 2009 we have been offering mortgages, commercial loans, financing for developers, and investments. Headquartered in Warsaw, our mortgage advisors are present in the major cities and cooperate with all banks in Poland.

Real estate financing expert

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